For us owning a small business has been a "learn as you go" process. We have been pretty fortunate so far because everything always manages to fall into place at the right time. Since the start, we have kept our office in our home and our print/production studio separate. When we were mainly doing small retail orders it worked for us pretty well except that our desk was right next to our couch and the rest of our shipping and packing materials were just spread everywhere in our living space.

It looked nice but didn't give any separation at all between work and life. (Photos by our favorite, Noelle Ann Photography)

When we bought our house we finally were able to create a dedicated office space complete with a chalkboard wall and space to ship retail orders. Although its a work in progress, having the separation has been great and we are not able to keep everything together as well as leave our living room for living!

We've learned so much over the last few years and although its such a small thing, we love having an office in our home! Plus we were able to buy a house this year which we're pretty thrilled about.

Hoping to continue sharing more of our small business experiences!

Irene MartinComment